How to craft the perfect listing


You don’t need to own a Sydney penthouse to make your HomeAway listing draw a crowd. Here’s how to craft the perfect listing on HomeAway so you attract more travellers and bookings.

Take high quality photos and give them captions

When travellers search for accommodation on HomeAway, they have an enormous selection of holiday rentals to choose from and they won’t always stop to read each one. Using high quality photos of your property is a great way to interrupt their search and get their attention.

HomeAway gives you space to upload up to 24 photos per listing, so be sure to make every photo count! To make the most out of your photos, we recommend you include shots of:

  • Your property’s exterior
  • The kitchen and any appliances that are noteworthy
  • Living Room, making sure to capture any electronics included such as TV, DVD player etc.
  • Main bedroom
  • Each remaining bedroom
  • The garden or outdoor area, including any outdoor settings or water features etc.
  • Anything unique about your property such as a spectacular view

Using a professional photographer is highly recommended, as they’ll be able to take pole shots, aerial photos or light the property in a way that maximises its features and attracts more guests. You can even include photos of some local attractions, but keep them to a minimum, as it’s the property that your guests will want to know about. Including a caption on each photo will help the traveller determine which feature is which and where those features are located in the property.

Provide the details travellers want

It’s important to give travellers details – but not too much. Start with an attractive headline that will grab the attention of any prospective guests. Boasting about your properties amazing views, the heated pool, or the easy access to a beach are all good things to include or you can keep it simple.

After the headline, your property description lets you explain to travellers why they should consider staying in your holiday rental. This is where you can detail the facilities your property offers, such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the property layout, what appliances are available in the kitchen, entertainment areas and so on. Think about what makes your property unique and include those details.

Mentioning how close your property is to relevant landmarks or attractions is also a great way to attract travellers looking for their perfect holiday. Provide relevant detail and indicate the distance from your property to local attractions, restaurants and shops. Indicate whether these destinations are walking or driving distance (walking is always a plus). Travellers will be grateful for any advice you can give them about a destination that isn’t familiar to them.

Finally, make sure you select your property’s attributes from HomeAway’s facility list. This gives travellers a snapshot of what’s included in the property and what the location offers. It also ensures that if a traveller uses the filters in HomeAway search results, your property will be visible to more potential guests.

Pick the right price

Setting the right price is essential, as many travellers will simply move to the next property if your listing doesn’t include an up-to-date price. By setting the right price you will avoid receiving irrelevant enquiries from travellers who don’t fit the demographic you’re looking for.

Start by looking at properties of a similar nature (location, number of bedrooms, features) and consider whether their prices change price for season factors. You will need to decide if you want to charge extra for peak periods, such as school holidays and long weekends.

You should also consider whether or not to set a minimum night stay. This will depend on the demand for accommodation in your area and the quality of your property. If your location is in a quiet holiday spot, you might encourage more bookings by setting a 2 night minimum instead of restricting stays to 3 nights or more.

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