Holiday renting in 6 simple steps


Every year, thousands of Australians rent their holiday homes – either as a second income, a way to meet mortgage repayments, or as a fully-fledged business investment. Here's how the process works from enquiry to booking.

  1. Travellers send an enquiry with their preferred dates

    Enquiries can lead to bookings, so respond promptly to ensure you don’t let a potential booking slip through your fingers.
  2. Guests ready to stay

    Make sure they sign a Rental Agreement. This document lays down the rules of your holiday rental and ensures both parties are covered from a legal standpoint.
  3. At least 30 days before the rental date, finalise full payment

    You may wish to request a deposit ahead of time, and a security deposit for additional protection. Be sure to keep a record of payments made.
  4. Booking confirmed?

    Send guests instructions on how to find your holiday rental, any special instructions for collecting keys, and details on how to enjoy their stay once they arrive.
  5. Prepare the property for your next visitors

    After your guests depart, clean and prepare the property for your next visitors. You may wish to use a professional service if this isn’t something you have time or wish to do yourself.
  6. Request a review from your satisfied guest.

    This helps boost your chance of bookings from new guests.

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