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Additional Tools — Get a Quick Boost in Enquiries

There are times when you might want to give a listing an extra “turbo boost” and get a little extra income. Featured listings and special offers are short-term ways to make that happen. Try them both and see which one works best for you in your area.

Featured Listing
Featured listings appear at the top of the search results page for your region (suburb, city, broader area, and state pages) and within the “Featured” areas on the site you've listed on. They are a great way to get extra exposure when there are lots of listings in your area.

Promoting a property in that section can give additional visibility and a nice bump in performance. Featured listings receive an average of 2.3x the enquiries of listings within the same region during the same time period. (Note that improvements vary greatly by region.)

Featured listings can be run from one month to the full year. To add a featured listing, click on the “Listing Info” tab in your dashboard. Scroll down to the “featured listing” section and click “Buy Now.”

Featured listings are offered for:
  • 1 month - $39 excluding GST
  • 3 months - $69 excluding GST
  • 6 months - $99 excluding GST
  • 12 months - $129 excluding GST
Special Offer
A special offer is a limited-time advertisement to promote a discounted rental rate or any other extra rental benefits you've decided to offer for a limited time, like a welcome gift, free tickets to local event, complimentary night, etc. They receive an average of 2.0x the enquiries ofregular listings and are perfect for getting enquiries when you have last-minute availability. 

Special offers can be promoted from 2 to 52 weeks and cost $2.99 excluding GST per week. To add a special offer, visit the Special Offers tab of your HomeAway listing manager and click “Add Special Offer.” Once a special has been created, you can manage them this way, or you can access them from the dashboard under the “Listing Info” tab.

Share a Slideshow of Your Rental

Create buzz about a property by sharing a slideshow of photos with your Facebook friends and fans. You can also add comments about your home or area directly from your dashboard.

The wall post and slideshow links right back to the listing so your friends and fans can easily click for more information about your rental.


Build awareness of your rental among the people you trust
Give your friends an easy way to refer others who may be interested in booking your home
Share real-time news about what's going on around your rental

To publish a slideshow, go to your HomeAway dashboard and click the “Marketing Tools” tab. A slideshow of your listing photos will already be set to go. Just add a comment and click “Post Slideshow.”