HomeAway Listing

To make managing your property listing on HomeAway.com.au and Stayz.com.au sites easier, later this year we’re going to simplify how this works. This means that Australian listings no longer have to be managed on both sites separately - you’ll only need to use the Stayz Owners Admin.

What does this mean for my HomeAway listing?

After June 8th 2015, once your current listing expires, you will no longer be able to renew your subscription on HomeAway Australia. After this time you will also be unable to make modifications to existing subscriptions.

What if my property isn’t currently listed on Stayz?

You can list on Stayz here. It’s important that you get your listing live on Stayz before your HomeAway listing expires as you won’t be able to renew listings on HomeAway.com.au.

What about existing bookings and enquiries I receive prior to my HomeAway Australia listing expiring?

All existing bookings and enquiries received prior to the expiry date of your HomeAway Australia listing will still be managed through HomeAway.com.au.

Want more information?

We have prepared FAQs containing detailed information on this change.