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When you list your managed properties, you get access to the number one holiday rental company in the world, with over 30 million monthly visits to our network of sites. But that's not all. With every listing you also get a variety of features and tools to showcase your properties.

Note: If you use property management software, you'll manage changes to your listing from your software.  


24 high-resolution photos

Showcase your properties to travellers with high resolution photos, including shots of the interior and exterior of the property, all areas guests have access to, and anything else that makes that rental special. And make sure they're big, so they don't appear grainy or blurry. The ideal photo size is 1024x768.

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Flexible contact options

Provide your email address and phone number so potential guests can decide how to contact you. You can even sign up to receive your enquiries via free SMS messages.

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Detailed property description

Tell potential guests about your properties in as much detail as you think you need. Be sure to mention all the selling points, including proximity to nearby attractions and key amenities. The more travellers know beforehand, the more likely they are to move forward with that property. Remember to keep the description up to date for all listings - any changes to the property's features that will impact the traveller should be reflected in the description as soon as possible.

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Interactive map

When it comes to choosing a holiday rental, location is a huge part of the decision-making process. Our map makes it easy to see how close your properties are to local attractions and events. We require a valid address for all listings - this means a format that is common for the country the listing is located in, and can be found in Google Maps or Bing Maps. Don't worry — we respect your privacy and will never display addresses publicly.

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Links & Videos

Link to your company's site, interactive tours, or even upload a video of your holiday rental. It's just another way to showcase all your properties have to offer.

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Set rates how you want, with differentiation between seasons, events, weekends, and weekly or monthly options too. If you use your own software, the listing will automatically import those rates.  Whether you use our rates, fees and calendar tools, or use our technology to integrate with your software, rest assured that travellers are seeing the same information.

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HomeAway Specific Tools

The following features are available through the HomeAway dashboard. Integrated property managers (IPMs) who use compatible software can build and manage their listings in that software, but can still access these tools.

Solicit and feature guest reviews

Research shows that one of the most important things a traveller needs to move forward with the booking process is to be able to read reviews from previous guests. Our system makes it easy to contact, capture, display, and even respond to those reviews. Plus, the more traveller reviews you have, and the more recent they are, the higher you'll rank in search results for this component of our search ranking algorithm. Note - you can also submit guestbook comments yourself from reviews left at your property but these do not count towards your listing quality score. 

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Interactive availability calendar

See all your bookings at a glance to track a property's usage. Keep it up to date so travellers can easily tell if your rental is available for the dates they're travelling.

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