Trip Planning Made Easy With Traveller Accounts!

Join our Traveller Community

Create a traveller profile and join our community of travellers who want to discover and share their experiences with you. To save time when creating your account, sign up with Facebook, and automatically import your information.

  Traveller Accounts enable you to:

  • Select and save favourite properties
  • Add notes and create lists for your trip planning
  • Share your favourites easily by sending your trip lists to friends and family
  • Submit reviews on the properties you’ve visited
  • Create a community of travellers to share your travel tips, inspiration and experiences with each other


Holiday Planning

Find, organise and share your favourite properties by creating personalised lists for each trip you plan.
  • Click on ‘Favourites’ from the Search Pages, Traveller Login or property listing
  • Click ‘Create New List’
  • Name your list
  • Add favourites
  • Add notes to your favourite properties to remind you what you liked
  • Favourites are stored in the favourites tab on search pages and in your traveller account
  • Share your lists with friends and family




  1. Why should travellers create profiles accounts?
    Traveller accounts are a great way to share information about yourself, including your favourite travel destinations, holiday experiences and hobbies. They allow us to build the best tools and services for you when looking for a holiday rental and to help other travellers learn about your travel interests.
  2. Where can traveller profiles be viewed?
    Currently your profile account is only viewable by you. You can access your profile by logging in via the ‘Traveller Login’ link on the to homepage and clicking on "Edit Profile" beneath your name in the top navigation.
  3. How can I add or edit my traveller account profile?
    To add a profile, you must first create a account. You can do this by clicking on "Traveller Login" at the top of the homepage, and signing up for an account.

    To edit your profile:
    1. Visit the homepage at
    2. Click "Traveller Login" at the top and log in to your account.
    3. Once you’re logged in, click on your account name at the top.
    4. Click "Edit Profile".
    5. Make the desired changes and click "Done Editing" at the top right.