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What does it mean to connect my software to HomeAway?

Connecting with HomeAway allows you to manage your listings, rates, calendar and bookings directly from your existing software. Every time you add or update a listing, the new content is automatically published to the HomeAway site, so important information like rental rates and availability is always up to date.

Where should I make changes to my listings once my software is connected to HomeAway?

Use your software to manage your listing data - any changes made directly in the HomeAway dashboard will not be reflected in your listing. Only use your dashboard to follow the status of your listings and distribution options, or to manually enter a guest review.

What are the requirements to connect my software with HomeAway?

- You must have a minimum of five listings to connect your software to the HomeAway network. For other terms and conditions related to advertising properties, please fill out the above form and a HomeAway representative will get back to you shortly. - You must be Price Consistent and Price Consistent enabled by your software - To add pay-per-booking, you must be able to accept credit cards and your payment processor must be PCI/PA-DSS compliant. You must also agree to HomeAway's minimum requirements

What can I update from my software?

Your entire HomeAway listing can be updated from your software, including descriptions, amenities, photos, availability, bedroom and bathroom data, rates, and rates notes. Reviews and contacts do not automatically update.

How often can my listing data be updated?

Your listing data is updated at least once every day.

Who should I contact with support questions?

For questions related to connecting your software and updates to HomeAway, please fill out the above form and a HomeAway representative will get back to you shortly. For all other questions, please contact your software support team.