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  • I spent 17 days at Ubad retreat and for both my partner and I it was an amazing place to stay in
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    I spent 17 days at Ubad retreat and for both my partner and I it was an amazing place to stay in Ubud. We became part of the family in the village. Adi and his uncle are 2 of the loveliest people I have met travelling overseas. I can't recommend this place enough. It's in a small village about 7ks out of Ubud. I was there for the Nyepi day celebrations and I was invited out by the family of Ubad to experience Nyepi eve with the locals. We were the only 2 westerners there omungst hundreds of Balinese locals and we got treated to a front row experience of the dancing Olga Olga's. We now call Ubad retreat our second home because after 17 we felt like part of the family. We'll be back every year but next time we'll be staying longer. I got to know the locals in the village and made friends there that I'll never forget. My Indonesian isn't great, so people from Ubad came out and joined our circle to translate for us. We drunk a couple nice bottles of vodka over a couple of different sittings and I had the time of my life.. My favourite breakfast was American with banana juice, after I returned home I thanked Adi and the family for an amazing stay, he told me my favourite dinner, chicken lalapan will be waiting for me on arrival, which will be in October. We loved it that much that were putting off our holiday to Vietnam until next year so we can go back to Ubud, and see the family at Ubad retreat. Me and my partner fell in love in Ubad retreat.. It's the perfect place to take your partner for a romantic loving holiday.! I'll just take this opportunity one more time to thank Adi and there uncle,( they were there every morning and night we had breakfast and dinner ).Your right Adi, it's not good-bye, it's see you later,and to Gus who welcomed us in on our first day, terema Kusih.. I'd like to say a special mention to uncle.. He gave us a lift to the airport from Ubad retreat.) Thank you for the CD you played on the journey to the airport. We did fall in love there nd I'm sure that love song CD was played to help remind us that we do love each other... Thank you uncle, for everything.. Your smile, breakfasts, a lend of a scooter for over 2 weeks..( we put nearly 700 ks on the scooter in 16, the room service, and the Balinese music that greets you everytime you enter the kitchen area for breakfast and dinner.. oh, and the Indonesian my girlfriend is Russian and they went out of there way to learn some Russian as well in respect for her....

    Date of Stay: Mar 2016