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  • Lovely pool terrace let down by the
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    Lovely pool terrace let down by the accommodation Beautiful location with views from the terrace to soak in all day long, when you aren't soaking in the pool. We like our pools to be bath hot, and it was a couple of degrees off for us but others might prefer that. Big table with chairs, brick built barbecues, and 4 sun loungers - plus a fridge; what more could you want? Inside less comfortable. Small kitchen table, 2 bench-like sofas nowhere useful, you are pretty much confined to bed if you want to relax indoors. No dishwasher, no problem! No oven, big problem!! The 'supermarket' 2km away has long closed down, so it's 25 minute drive to the nearest corner shops and further still to anything we recognised as a supermarket. Buy a weeks worth of microwave meals or frozen stuff for the barbecue before you turn up or face endless journeys. Being Brits, we also missed any kettle or mugs - small percolator and lots of small cups plus a dodgy filter coffee maker all right for some I guess.s

    Date of Stay: Oct 2018
  • This house is a treat for families. The
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    This house is a treat for families. The most spectacular location with a stunning view. Johanna was a sweet host, and we found people friendly. We enjoyed 5 days i the spring at Easter time. Can only recomend this house to everyone!s

    Date of Stay: Apr 2017